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Why Choose IMA?
Course Profile



The full programme is divided into 2 categories:

  1. Grade 1 to Grade 10, with Grade 10 being the lowest grade.

  2. Students that have completed all ten Grades will proceed with Dan Level which also consists of 10 levels, with Dan 1 being the highest level.

According to IMA’s syllabus, a normal student choosing 2-month term plan will take 40 months to progress from grade 10 to grade 1. After that followed by the Dan levels which are merely levels tests of maximum speeds. So grade 10 to grade 1 is all there is to learn in this course. As a matter of fact, for all practical purposes, after having attained the level of Grade 3, a student would have mastered sufficient skills in the subject.

Generally, there can be exceptions to the time period mentioned above. There are students who progress faster and others who are slower than normal. Various factors together influence the total length of time required to complete the full course. One of the factors is individual ability, the other are the amount of practice, the regularity of practice and the choice of term plan etc.

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