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Why Choose IMA?
Course Profile


  Course Profile

As an institution of learning, IMA provides an all-encompassing mental development educational experience designed to develop children’s mental capability to prepare them with the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills, perspectives and appreciation of our culture to meet the demands of our ever-changing society. Through IMA’s unique teaching methodology, understanding of the basic arithmetic principles in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division becomes effortlessly simple and computations of number become easy.

Children who have mastered the skills of abacus mental arithmetic would have built a strong foundation in primary mathematics. This foundation indirectly helps them to perform better in other science subjects too. Our approach towards the transferring of mental arithmetic skills to children involves:

making learning fun through 'hands-on' experience on the constructive and empowering abacus tool
providing a supportive, emotionally safe learning environment thereby alleviating the phobia of mathematics
encouraging interactive and cooperative learning whilst allowing children to work at their pace
ensuring students understand what they will be doing and why
tapping into human potentialities to progressively realize the infinite intellectual capacity, thus enabling them to rationalize and adopt a meaningful perspective to any lesson
co-relating contents of study to their everyday life for effective learning and implementing authentic assessment
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