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MIM Course

The IMA Multiple Intelligences Mathematics (MIM) syllabus is specially designed and tailored to meet children's psychological and physiological development in elementary education. Children are curious by nature, constantly reaching out to ask, to touch things and to play. With this in mind, the entire MIM course places much emphasis on the concept of "learning by playing" where children interact with materials and each other in the learning cycle. The lessons seek to assimilate concepts for understanding and responding through physical interaction with his or her environment. Our course also focuses on the development of mathematical foundation and logical concepts in a fun-learning environment.

All too often, children find mathematics dull and boring because they find it difficult to enjoy something they don't comprehend. Our MIM interactive course consists of 4 levels compiled into 8 books to support children's appreciation of the subject. In the learning of MIM, we inculcate students' learning interest and cultivate multiple intelligences in early formative years.

Our course materials are designed to maximize the benefits of learning MIM offered by kindergarten teachers trained by IMA.